The Employment History of Leodis Matthews

Leodis MatthewThe work experiences that Mr. Matthews had have made him even much better than before. He learn and gain knowledge in every experience that he had. Those experiences molded him to become the best lawyer. As a lawyer, he always wants to have a good relationship with his clients. He wants to establish trust and confidence towards his clients. He also makes sure that he is doing his job professionally and to the best of his knowledge and ability.

After finishing his college education and doctorate degree in law, he had several work experiences in different law firms. He did not waste his time and immediately look for job that fits to his chosen field and career.

Mr. Leodis Matthew had worked in different law firms and government offices in United States.

He was a special attorney with the organized crime and Racketeering Section of the Criminal Division.

• He practiced law in Frankfurt, Germany for almost fifteen years.
• He became the founding partner of law firm of Matthews and Kelso.
• While he was in Germany, he represented many international companies in areas of construction, commercial and securities law.
• He testified regularly in the German Court as an American Law Legal Expert in areas of Comparative Law.
• He became a co-counsel in several cases before the Federal Court in Frankfort, Germany.
• He is an experienced litigator and represents a number of regional and international companies and businesses.
Leodis Matthew• He was given the chance to practice before the US Supreme Court, United States Claims Court, Court of International Trade and US court of Appeals.
• Leodis Matthews had several experienced as an Attorney: Senior Trial Attorney, Assistant United States Attorney, and Special Trial Attorney at United States Department of Justice.
• He is a former federal prosecutor with the US Department of justice and Senior Attorney in the civil Division Working on both Commercial Litigation and International Trade Disputes for the US Government.
• He was the President in the American Bar Association for US Attorneys and Senior Counsel on the Select Committee on Assassinations

The more you experienced something, the more you learn. Those experiences that Mr. Matthews had, prove that he is really a well-rounded and effective attorney. He worked hard in order to achieve what he has today. Mr. Leodis Matthews’ success is the result of all his effort to become the best attorney he can be.